The Beginner’s Guide to Doomsday Preparations

Guide to Doomsday Preparations

Before you buy doomsday kits, you need to think about what you’re prepping for. Are you worried because you live in a hurricane or tsunami prone area where you may not get resources for more than a few days? Are you worried that the government will not be able to provide for your welfare and safety? Are you worried that the power grid will take months to get fixed? These are good reasons to begin your doomsday preparation. Here’s a guide to doomsday preparations.

You hope that you’ll never need to use the doomsday survival gear you have stored, but it’s still best to be prepared in order to survive. You’ll want to examine the threats that you have to be ready for. If the threats you’re facing are nuclear or chemical in nature, your survival kit should include iodine pills and gas masks. If you live in a place where natural disasters are common, it would be good to keep your doomsday supplies mobile. You should have a well-stocked bag that contains items which will give you access to clean water.

If you’re worried that Hyperinflation is going to become a problem, you need to have a prepared supply of food. Having a three-month or one year supply of food will give you security in case of hyperinflation. You also need to ensure your security. Many believe that people are naturally good, but that’s only when they’re not faced with harsh conditions such as when there are no products available for purchase or the prices of items are too high.

Many people that you think would be nice won’t be exactly what you’ve believed them to be. Having enough security to be able to protect your property and security is important. Assume that people who don’t have what you have will want it.

Begin your doomsday preparations by evaluating what you need and what you have. Determine your weakest point and improve those areas. A survival kit will generally include water, food, personal hygiene items, first aid kit and security items as well as survival gear like sleeping bags and tent. People need a safe house or shelter where they can stay until things return to normal. The most important thing to consider is to keep the shelter well-stocked with water and food. Here are the most important foods that you should store.


Saltines can last for a long time depending on how well they’ve been stored. If they’re not protected from humidity, saltines tend to become sodden. On the other hand, saltines remain edible even if they’re soggy and don’t lose their nutritional value.

Canned Goods

As long as canned goods remain unopened, they are free from bacteria. They may be low in nutrients and not taste the best, but canned foods will last for a long time. Other than issues with rusting, it is fine to store canned foods if they’re unopened.


SPAM is a combination of pork and spices as well as sodium nitrate, a preservative that prevents bacteria from permeating the pork. It may be low in nutrition, but it will certainly last for a long time.

Dried Chickpeas

Dried chickpeas are free from molds and bacteria. Chickpeas are rich in protein and can be rehydrated easily.

You don’t want to be stuck in a shelter with only a small amount of food and water for survival. A disaster may occur without warning and at any time. It is important to make preparations before it happens. The most important thing to keep in mind in preparation is to store drink and food items. The choices may seem wide, but the food listed here should be part of your survival kit. These foods can last for a long time and provide days of support to help you survive. While other foods may be stored in the shelter, the foods mentioned here should be included in your list together with a good amount of water.

If you plan properly, the odds of your survival will significantly increase. When making a plan, think about those items that don’t last a long time and determine a way not to need them. For instance, storing large amounts of gasoline that you would not use for more than a year will be a waste of investment. Gasoline lasts no longer than 1 year. Make sure that the foods and drink items you will store will last for a really long time. It never hurts to be prepared.